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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Wendy 張婷羽

Thanks to 2015 SIT, I had the chance to make new friends from Canada and the U.S, experienced some extremely fun activities, visited great places in Taiwan, and most importantly, it built strong affection bonds among all the excellent SIT staffs and the EAPSI fellows. Started from the audition for 2015 SIT staff to the end of this orientation, every meetings and activities have become wonderful memories even if we are always tired and needed to get up extremely early. I realized how efficient and disciplined this team worked. We planned every details of our orientation and came up with great ideas to make 2015 SIT so fun and unforgettable. Although the process of all the preparation is exhausting, it is worth making the effort because all of us enjoyed every moment during the orientation.

Not only the great staffs, but also the EAPSI fellows are awesome as well. We learned a lot from them in terms of their passion toward the research they are studying. I also admire their attitudes toward their life and school work. What I really like about them was that they always show curiosity and enthusiasm for every activity we prepared for them. Although I have been to many Taiwanese hot spots before as well as participated in the SIT orientation last year, I felt so different this time as I went there again with them. Because I was deeply involved in each activity, I could know those spots and the stories behind them much better than before. The activities I enjoyed the most were the welcome banquet and the farewell party. It was great to see how the fellows enjoyed every dish during the welcome banquet; they told me how good every dish were after each bite. The farewell party rocks! To be honest, I’ve never had an amazing party like this before! We created a great atmosphere and every one became closer after this memorable party. We really had a great time when we were dancing and having fun together. The worst part of our orientation was the moment when we needed to say goodbye. Everybody was reluctant to leave and it was hard to face the truth that it was almost the end of the amazing SIT orientation. A lot of staffs cried so hard; this included me, haha. I’m glad that we impressed all the EAPSI fellows because they said they would never believe this whole amazing orientation was solely held by a group of young Taiwanese NTHU students. I will always remember this wonderful summer. Thanks for everything that happened right from the beginning of our audition to the end of the journey. Actually, I have to admit that 2015 SIT has changed my life in the future.       


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