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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Rose 林品萱

      At the very beginning, I wasn't expected for these amazing things happen. I wasn't expected that SIT would turn out this well. Through all these days, we planned the projects. We got loads of works. We needed to attend the meetings twice a week. At that time, I felt tired but fulfilled. Through SIT, I challenged myself to dance. Through SIT, I worked with new people and learned from them. Through SIT, I knew my own drawbacks and tried to overcome them.

      My favorite part of the orientation week was absolutely farewell party. Everyone danced crazily and we were having so such fun. It really made us closer to each other. Besides, I’ve put many effort in dancing, to challenge myself, singing, to perform, which allow me to immerse in the stage atmosphere. I consider the best part happened after the orientation week. After orientation week, SIT staffs scheduled many trips for fellows to join and get fellows to know more about Taiwan. Through all these trips, which not only strengthen the friendship between us, but also exchange the cultures between the United States and Taiwan.

      I would never forget that, in college, I once attended an activity named SIT. What I gained from SIT is much more than what I gave. If you ask me to score the whole processes, I would say 11 out of 10. Touched. Friendship. Passionate. The very three words to describe what I've been through and which would never end. Many things in SIT are beyond words. Only to experience.

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