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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Remarks by Dr. Chung-Hsiung Sui (隋中興) for Adam Rydbeck

Adam Rydbeck first wrote to me in mid-October, 2013 to express his interest in applying for the US NSF East Asian and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) fellow for the summer of 2014. He introduced himself as a PhD student at Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science under Dr. Eric Maloney. He asked me to serve as the host researcher. He proposed to study the transition of west Pacific mixed Rossby-gravity waves to tropical depression-type disturbances using the WRF model by simulations with and without mixed Rossby-gravity (MRG) wave forcing at the model boundaries and determine the influence of the different forcings on the development of tropical depression-type disturbances in the West Pacific. He also proposed to quantitatively evaluate the different forcings by analyzing the eddy kinetic energy budgets of the different model simulations. I was quite impressed by his proposal, and agreed to serve as his host researcher.

He arrived in Taiwan and joined my lab on July 4. I provided him access to the computer system in my laboratory. My student provided him the space-time filtered data for his proposed experiments. He was able to get the control experiment running very quickly without any delay. He presented some preliminary results at the end of the program in mid-August. Since he didn’t complete the second set of experiments, he gave a summary report on the control experiment. The outcome of the experiment shows the model produces too active MRG waves, and some climate drift. We discuss possible causes of the problem in the cumulus parameterization scheme, and the improper energy accumulation in the long-term integration. He was polite in receiving our suggestions but did not have time to improve his simulations. In addition, he was following the model set up based on the experiments he did in his study of the MRG wave over the eastern Pacific. But the basic flow in NW Pacific is different (from that in the East Pacific), and the tropical wave disturbances are more active in the domain of the current study. Further discussions and evaluations of model experiments are required to clarify the relevant issues here.

Through limited interactions, I found Adam to be a quiet person but highly motivated in his research. He is also knowledgeable about his research subject. Compared with PhD students in my department, he is definitely more independent thinking and mature. Besides research, Adam interacted with our students quite closely. Our students helped him to get acquainted with the NTU campus and the neighboring areas. They often go out lunch together. I arranged a hiking trip to the Yanminshan Park for him and my students. Adam visited places like九分老街, Taroko National Park, etc. The summer visit by Adam is quite fruitful and mutually beneficial.

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