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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Remarks by Dr. Jer-Nan Juang (莊哲男) for Adonis Pimienta-Penalver

Mr. Adonis Pimienta-Penalver, a Ph.D candidate at SUNY at Buffalo, has been conducting research under my supervision at NCKU since July 4th, 2014.  He has participated in the development of a suitable strategy to impose adaptive control on a solar sail spacecraft. His tasks included: (1) working with my students to verify a dynamical model of the sail motion with a suitable representation of solar radiation pressure; (2) devising an adaptive controller for a 2-degree of freedom nonlinear version of the system; (3) assisting in conducting air-table experiments to investigate certain aspects of the solar-sail system’s behavior. 

Adonis has done an exceptional job in completing the tasks. It is evidenced by a plan of integrating their numerical and experimental results into a technical paper for presentation at an international conference in the near future. Adonis did work very hard to reach the point of writing a conference paper within his 8-week visit. 

My graduate and undergraduate students have had a good opportunity to interact with Adonis both in academic research and campus life. They have exchanged many research ideas and, more importantly, experienced their cultural impact on both sides.  Adonis is, indeed, a good model for my students to learn how to do research on deriving equations of motion for a dynamic system and performing numerical simulations. From the academic view, this student exchange program does play an important role to enhance students' global view.

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