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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Remarks by Dr. En-Chao Yeh (葉恩肇) for Caitlyn Korren

The first time I met Ms. Caitlyn Korren of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA was at an international meeting of earth sciences (2013 Fall Meeting of American Geophysics Union (AGU)). After then, I learned the EAPSI program from Caitlyn when she wrote me to ask supporting her application. The study which Caitlyn and her thesis advisor work on is the evaluation of kinematics of pseudotachylyte formation, which is melting rock induced during seismic faulting. Since one of my research topics is the study of deformation and magnetic fabrics of metamorphic rocks, Caitlyn and I found that the kinematic study of pseudotachylyte in the Hoping River of Haulien, Taiwan will be a good collaboration project. The results can provide insights into understanding the mountain building process of the eastern Central Range and further investigating the earthquake magnitude in the region. We discussed our potential project via emails several times. It is very exciting to know that Caitlyn received the EAPSI funding. 

Caitlyn is a very hard work, intelligent, motivated, self-sustained and active student so that we are very glad to have her in my lab this summer. When we cut the rock slabs containing the pseudotachylyte in Hoping River via concrete saw machine, I just realized that it will be the first time for Caitlyn to collect her own samples in the field and to run the sample preparation in the laboratory. However, her skill and knowledge of collecting oriented rock slabs is so matured. Moreover, when she faced the difficulties of sample preparation, she is willing and open-mined to discuss it with my lab members and me to find good solutions to make series of thin oriented rock slabs to reconstruct the 3D images. Beside cutting and scanning the rock slabs and running among different labs, she is always working on her laptop or discussing with us about her progress and problems. Her visit definitely brings fantastic international experiences to my lab members and at the same time my post-doc and students enjoyed working with her.

Caitlyn definitely plays an excellent role of exchange students for EAPSI program. She has done a wonderful job on the research project and actually based on the current results she already submitted an abstract for coming AGU meeting. As a consequence, her hard work promoted future collaboration and built a nice relationship between USA and Taiwan. In fact, her thesis adviser will visit my lab in this coming late Sep. Furthermore, we have agreement that she bring samples back to USA and continuously her study on Taiwan rocks. I am looking forward to see her presentation in AGU meeting. We really do enjoy the moment with her. I believe that we will all remember this pleasant experience with her visit. I am truly grateful for this research collaboration opportunity and SIT Program sponsored by National Science Foundation of USA and Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. 

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