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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Remarks by Dr. Sun-Lin Chung (鍾孫霖) for Graham Hagen-Peter

I am pleased to report that Mr. Graham Hagen-Peter from UC Santa Barbara has had a very fruitful summer working in my lab at the Dept. of Geosciences, National Taiwan University for the exchange research program. In the past seven weeks or so, Graham has been working very hard and efficiently in my NTU lab that made him be able to complete most of the planned works set for his visit, in particular regarding the Sr and Nd isotope composition of some granitoids from Antarctica that he has been studying for his PhD thesis at UC Santa Barbara. Based on the result, we are anticipating writing up a joint paper for publication in a highly reputed international journal. Moreover, he has been extremely popular and become a good friend of every member of my lab, and the friendship is expected to last for long…

To wind up, I rank Mr. Graham Hagen-Peter an excellent exchange graduate student and his summer project one of the most successful. 

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