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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Remarks by Dr. Ming-Huei Cheng (鄭明輝) for Jarel Gandhi

 It’s been a pleasant cooperation with Jarel from this SIT program. This is my third time joining this program. I always receive great inputs from hosting students who are coming from all over the places. It’s always exciting to see the young scientists who can put their idea into practice. They are very creative and able to provide lots of inputs in the science projects.


I met Dr. Eric Brey who is Jarel’s adviser starting from 1999, when I was research fellow and he was PhD student in the MD Anderson cancer center in Taxes, USA. Since then, we have many scientific cooperation and exchange several students or researchers to each other’s lab for  experimental preparation or animal model setup. This year, we host Jarel from SIT program. Jarel is from Illinois Institute of Technology. He is an independent researcher who is equipped with logical scientific thinking. His project is to test the biomaterials in large animal model. Jarel generates some biomaterials for regeneration of the neo-visualized tissue. Our lab provides an in vivo bioreactor in the pig model for him to evaluate the effect of those biomaterials on generating the vascularized tissue. Jarel demonstrates us the bioreactor which can nicely grow the cells in the biomaterials by supplying nutrients through perfusion pump. This could be a new system for our other research purpose. The specific project he was working on are as follows.


l   Established pig blood collection protocol

l   Conducted cell sorting of blood MNCs for hematopoietic stem cells

l   Isolation of MSCs from pig bone marrow

l   Learned rat cranial defect model

l   Implantation of bioreactor-cultured bone marrow stem cells for cranial defect

l   Assisted on IACUC submission for nude mouse subcutaneous model

l   Performed differentiation of adipose stem cells towards endothelial cells

l   Conducted angiogenesis assay with co-cultured adipose-derived cells

l   Engineered large-scale pre-vascularized scaffolds for subcutaneous implants


I appreciate SIT program to provide this opportunity for me to host Jarel in this summer. Our lab and Jarel all receive great inputs from each other through mutual communicating and discussing science. We expect our research partnership will last longer even when Jarel finish his SIT program in Taiwan to make this cooperation more valuable. 

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