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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Remarks by Dr. Chun-Chieh Wu (吳俊傑) for Peter Finocchio

I am very pleased to provide a summary report about the visit of Mr. Pete Finocchio during the past two months for participating the NSF EAPSI program in my group at National Taiwan University. Pete is a graduate student from University of Miami, under the supervision of Prof. Sharan Majumdar, who has been a close collaborator on targeted observation research in the  past  8  years. Pete and my research group had a great interaction and research collaboration during the period of his visit. He fully engaged in all the research activities in my group. I am truly impressed with Pete’s devoting attitude in learning. I feel so honored to host Pete, and warmly welcome his return visit in the future. Below is the highlight summary of his visit.

1. Gave a report to the group during his first week on an ongoing research project that he started before arriving in Taiwan, and received valuable feedback from my research group (TDRC) members during this presentation.

2. Met individually with lab mates and discussed their research - Pete provided them some insight and ideas for future analysis. Collectively, these meetings taught him a great deal about not only the type of research conducted in TDRC, but also about new analysis, modeling, and computational methods he can apply to his own research.

3. Obtained critical research guidance on his summer project from myself.

4. Obtained raw DOTSTAR moisture profile data for assimilating into his model.

5. Obtained code for reading and processing raw DOTSTAR data from Dr. Yen

6. Met with Dr. Shin-Gan Chen, one former member of TDRC,  at the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) to discuss how the DOTSTAR data are collected, disseminated, and maintained at CWB. Shin-Gan also gave Pete a tour of the CWB facility, and he learned a lot about how operational forecasts are made in Taiwan

- Pete received valuable feedback for future directions for his summer project from

TDRC during his final presentation to the group.

- Learned a lot about Taiwanese culture and food from daily lunches with lab mates at


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