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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Remarks by Dr. Keng-Hui Lin (林耿慧) for Bryant Doss

It was a great pleasure to have Bryant Doss as an exchange student in my laboratory this summer. He contacted me about the idea culturing cancer cells in the spherical pores, which we used as a 3D cell culture substrate in my lab. We worked on project proposal together and met each other at 2014 Biophysical Society meeting. Bryant’s lab is the world leading expert on atomic force microscopy (AFM). They used AFM to study cell stiffness, which is a technique complimentary to my lab where we used optical method to study the mechanical behaviors of the cells.

While Bryant was in my lab, he found out we shared another research interest together – contact mechanics. We have a rheometer in my lab. When he learned how to used it for measuring the mechanical properties of the soft materials, he immediately came up the idea with me to operate it like a giant AFM. He glued a steel ball on the measuring device, he measured the indentation curve and fit it with the Hertz model. Everything came out very beautifully. Besides the work of rheometer, he also taught me AFM. My lab taught him a lot of cell biology. We even constructed a cell line – RFP-actin expressed MDA-231 cells for him. He will bring the cells back to US, which will help his lab research a great deal.


This is a great experience. We both benefit a lot from this exchange. I am looking forward to host more students in the future.

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