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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
  This SIT program has allowed me to familiarize myself with an important area of health economics and health financing. My thesis research topic deals with modeling of health systems to assess the requirements when scaling up interventions. Mymain research interests are in the areas of health systems strengthening, clinical research, drug supply chain, and health human resources,all with global health perspective.I see a clear continuity of collaboration following this summer program as I pursuing my PhD research program. Learning from low/middle income countries in the Asia-Pacific region will be helpful when I conduct the same type of analysis in sub-Saharan African countries. This will offer the opportunity for novel collaborative efforts for example by conducting afterwards some comparative analysis that will allow us to identify similarity and differences between regions of the developing world on the subject of health care financing. This type of analysis could be useful to international organization such as the World Health Organization (WHO) in the design and implementation of population health interventions in the developing world. Canada through its federal agencies and university program such as the population health program at the University of Ottawa, have great interests in global health issues.
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