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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Mylène Ratelle
  On my return to Montreal, I will have to continue research linking concentrations of metabolites and exogenous differences in effects on endogenous metabolites I have analyzed in Taipei. I will also continue the development of mechanisms of action of toxicity, based on advances in metabolomics. In about 6 to 12 months, I will complete my PhD in public health in a specialty of environmental risk analysis. I still do not know if I will go on to post-doctoral research in order to obtain qualifications to become a teacher or if I will leave academia for going to national and international organizations working in public health and in research of solutions for health population.

The program
  I take this opportunity to thank the NSC for allowing me to participate in this program. I had low expectations of what would result from this project. Indeed, 7 weeks is very short period for a research program. It was with curiosity that I started this adventure. The organizing members were up to the task. Although the program of the first days was charged it has allowed us to build relationships with members of the group. To develop a sense of belonging to a place, we need to develop links with the inhabitants of this place. This is a success. I would sincerely like to have the opportunity to return to work in Taiwan. On the professional side, my research team has been extremely helpful, vocational and dedicated. My director of research at NTU was welcoming and offered me the opportunity to research realized with a range of possible scale, while working in a very relaxed atmosphere to allow me to discover Taiwan to develop links with his team members. I always felt welcome and I am grateful. This is a person who has inspired me as a professor and I hope to continue working with her.
  From a more personal perspective, this program has allowed me to take part in the Taiwanese social life, in opposition that the travel tourism generally does not offer. I learned a lot about the way of life here, on its policies and ideals. Taiwan is a very wealthy country and is increasing its reputation in the field of academic research. It was an honor and a pleasure for me to be able to participate. Thank you!
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