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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Jerry Chen
  I am very thankful for the EAPSI Summer Research Program for providing me this opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Jr-Kai Sky Yu at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Yu is a very talented developmental biologist and a leader in amphioxus research.  Although seven weeks is a very short period of time for a scientific research project, I was able to learn several experimental techniques in amphioxus such as embryo collection and fixation, cell separation, digoxigenin-based in situ hybridization, and double-florescent in situ hybridization. Perhaps more importantly though, through my interaction with Dr. Yu, I was able to learn how he approaches research projects, the kinds of questions he asks when trying to solve a research problem, and what it takes to become a successful researcher. Furthermore, I was able to establish a collaboration with him which I hope will continue throughout my research career. I have also established a friendship with another colleague, Dr. John Liu in the Institute of Statistical Sciences at Academia Sinica. Because of our common interest in mathematical modeling of biological pathways, we may also collaborate in the future. I will be continuing my EAPSI research project when I return to the United States, and hope to eventually collect enough data to publish a quality peer-reviewed publication. I will also actively seek opportunities to present my research at both local and international biology conferences. In conclusion, I am grateful for the EAPSI Summer Program for giving me an opportunity to expand my research career through the collaboration with colleagues in Taiwan.
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