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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Daniel Thomas& Roo Vandegrift
  Our experience in Taiwan has been both informative and exciting. We have had the all-too-rare privilege of learning under foremost experts of our study organism, Dr. Ju and Dr. Hsieh. Drs. Ju and Hsieh have been very patient and helpful to us as we learned about both Xylariaceae and the wonderful culture of Taiwan. From them we have witnessed first hand the nuanced science and art of fungal taxonomy.
Taiwan is an amazingly welcoming place that appreciates the value of research. This experience will certainly lead to future collaborations with Dr. Ju and Dr. Hsieh, as we continue to explore the Xylariaceae of Northern South America. The East Asian Pacific Summer Institute/Summer In Taiwan program has truly shown us the value of international collaboration!

  We would like to thank: Dr. Yu-Ming Ju, Dr. Monica Hsieh, Dr. Bitty Roy, Dr. George Carroll, Alissa Chang and the rest of the Ju-Hsieh Lab. Also, we would like to thank Academia Sinica for hosting us, and our home institution, the University of Oregon, Dr. Sun and Da-Pan and all the staff at Fushan, as well as all of the SIT staff and all of the other EAPSI fellows for help and support. We would also like to acknowledge our funding agencies: The National Science Council of Taiwan and the National Science Foundation of the United States
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