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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Peter’s study mainly focused on the ultra-high density magnetic recording media. He utilized the [Co/Pd]n multilayers to approach the layer structure of the media and patterned the multilayer films by e-beam lithography. Owing to the limitation of total area patterned by e-beam lithography, the magnetic properties are hardly probed by normal instruments. So during his stay, he mainly measured the magnetic properties of his samples by using our focus MOKE, which possesses a focus beam with a beam size around 3 μm in diameter and can probe the magnetic properties in an area of 3x3 μm2. After 7 weeks measurement, we have obtained many interesting results and expect to have fruitful publications in the near future.
(Performance and interaction with other members)
Peter is very friendly and interacts with other lab members very well. Although not all of our lab members can speak good English, he showed great patience to communicate with other members by either body language or simple words. He also provided many useful suggestions on other members’ experiment. Through the discussion with Peter, we do not only receive many beneficial ideas but greatly improved our students' communication skills in English. Furthermore, we shared very different life experience with him. He is always surprised by our delicious and cheap meals. He also admires our public security and the convenience life here. For example, we can always walk along the street and get food in the mid-night.
Overall it is a great experience to have Peter visit us this summer. Through the activity, we have opportunities to work with exchange students and let them know more about us. We believe that the activity can significantly promote our international position and are very welcome any potential visiting student in the future.
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