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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Yu-Ling Shih_史有伶
Jarungjit (Mod) Rujiviphat visited my lab between July 9 and August 23 this past summer. She is under supervision of Professor G. Angus McQuibban in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Toronto. Her doctoral research regards the mechanisms underlying mitochondrial dynamics. She is therefore interested in picking up fluorescence microscopy techniques for observing protein-regulated membrane dynamics developed in my lab.
Although Mod is a confident student with potential to be successful, the time she spent in the lab was too short. Nonetheless, she made some preliminary observations on membrane deformation caused by her protein Mmg1, which will be worth more efforts to establish the correlation to the system that she is studying.
There were some problems during her visit, which I would like to bring them to your attention. She has her own personal connections here in Taipei, therefore she had her own plans and activities arranged before visiting Taiwan. Such situation caused inconvenience for me as a host, because there was no relevant information provided before her arrival. I was hustled by the administrator to make arrangements of housing and guarding her live in the summer, which turned out not necessary. During more than half of her stay, her work schedule seemed to depend on her outside activities. She pushed me to work with her according to her needs without early notice about what was going to happen. Although it is understandable to visit and stay with close friends, it will be more appreciable if future exchange students can show more respect to the hosting labs by disclosing their personal preference and conditions in advance.

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