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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
學員: 陳芝妤 Julie Chih-Yu Chen

We are very glad to have Ms. Julie Chih-Yu Chen to participate in the SIT Program and choose our laboratory to conduct some collaborating project. The collaboration was meant to integrate epigenetic and transcriptional aspects in our lung cancer genetic study. During the seven week hard work, Julie was able to get some initial interesting results.

We have had discussion with Julie at least once a week for about 2 hours. Julie always works efficiently and shows her progress in each of our discussion seminar. Briefly, she has done “functional annotation of lung cancer associated single nucleotide polymorphisms”. She used the relevant epigenetic and transcriptcal data sets from ENCODE project cleverly and found SNVs from lung cancer GWAS to be enriched in promoters of both lung cancer and normal cells, and in open chromatin, enhancer as well as insulator regions of cancer cells.

Her work can stimulate our lung cancer genetic studies by narrowing down functionally important SNVs, and providing potential directions to further characterize these variants.

Within such short period, Julie has made good progress and some of the findings may lead to advancement in lung cancer research.
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