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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Jarungjit (Mod) Rujiviphat
I was able to conduct the experiments that address my research question through the NSC CIHR Summer Institute in Taiwan program. Working in Dr. Shih lab over the summer has greatly accelerated my research progress. The expertise that Dr. Shih has on the relevant field has been very helpful. The real-time fluorescence microscopy monitoring samples in solution has proven to me a great approach to study protein membrane dynamics. This allowed me to obtain a key finding that my protein of interest, Mgm1, is able to bend membrane. This local membrane bending or deformation may be revealed as an essential mechanistic action of Mgm1 and other related proteins to promote mitochondrial and membrane fusion. This promising data allow me to plan future research using this fluorescence microscopy technique to perform follow-up experiments. In addition, other techniques employed in Dr. Shih might also be suitable for my research studies. In sum, I have obtained a key finding for my thesis study, learned a technique that will be useful for my future study, and established a possible long-term collaboration.
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