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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
James Ruppert
While I carried out the actual research for this study quite independently, the feedback I received from my host scientist and his students/research scientists was incredibly important, not only for this study, but for my perspectives on meteorology in Taiwan/East Asia in general. The opportunity to witness the students/scientists in my host lab preparing local Taipei forecasts for typhoons and heavy rainfall on a daily basis was priceless for my understanding of weather in this part of the world.
I also had the opportunity to meet with two other professors in my host department, Profs. George Tai-Jen Chen and Hung-Chi Kuo. This wonderful opportunity had me conversing with some of the most important scientists in the meteorology of Southeast Asia over the last several decades. I learned a great deal about my own scientific projects, which were discussed, as well as our field in general, with experienced perspectives on where the field is heading in today’s climate. The colleagues I now have from this experience are invaluable for my career in science.
My EAPSI/SIT trip to Taiwan was a wonderful experience altogether, that I will never forget. I made many friendships while in Taiwan that will likely last my lifetime. My host has offered me the opportunity to return to Taiwan in the future to present this and other work that I’ve done, and I can hardly wait to see everyone again and experience the rich culture that I was immersed in for two very fast months.
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