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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Eric King
This program has provided me with access to a both socially and scientifically unique location, which has allowed me the opportunity to do novel research in an international setting. Direct collaboration with my host advisor and first hand knowledge obtained by working at the study site allowed me to advance my research and to develop my model rapidly. Being with researchers familiar with the mud volcanoes and the site has allowed for ample opportunities to visit the area and learn from experts who have worked there.
While only taking place over a relatively short time, the work performed has begun to answer key questions related to the controls and mechanisms of methane emissions. Data indicates the possibility for terrestrial mud volcanoes to have a different mechanism for methane oxidation than what is currently seen in many of the more common marine mud volcanoes. Methane oxidation is thought to occur through coupled iron oxide reduction in the Lei-Gong-Heo mud volcanoes as opposed to sulfate reduction as often seen in marine environments. This work has the potential to further elucidate the presence and importance of an alternative pathway for the anaerobic oxidation of methane in a setting known to be significant for methane emissions. Therefore, this project has begun to help close a gap in understanding the controls on non-anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.
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