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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Angelina Altshuler
When I told my thesis advisor at UCSD that I was headed to Taiwan for the summer, he excitedly told me that “Taiwan is a vibrant little island.” Throughout the past few weeks, I have experienced not only the natural beauty of the island, but I have also met many wonderful Taiwanese people which started with the SIT orientation. The SIT staff members were very welcoming and planned a fabulous orientation to share their culture with us. When we parted for our host research institutes, my hosts at the NHRI were very helpful as I began my my research project. At the NHRI, I was able to learn many new skills that I can apply to my thesis research back in San Diego. One of the highlights of this experience for me has been that I have been trained by experts in the field to perform specific technical procedures. Overall, my experience in Taiwan has broadened my research skills and perspective while I enjoyed the beauty and culture of Taiwan.
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