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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Adrienne George
After this experience, I have realized that my research has broad implications and there are still many questions to explore. I also realized that my research needs to reach the public and my results need to be widely dispersed. I have also gained an appreciation for my previous research experiences as well as field workshops that have allowed me to take on this great endeavor.

Broader Impacts
A catalogue will be freely available on Dr. Allen Chen’s Academia Sinica web page. This will allow researchers, scientists and the general public to have access to this information. Additionally, results of the study will be presented at scientific meetings and we expect at least one peer-reviewed publication. Currently, there is very little information on coral disease and parasitism in Taiwan. This study will catalogue diseases and parasites and provide baseline information for researchers that will carry on the work. The results of this study will give the host country a better understanding of their coral reef ecosystem. Additionally, histological slides will be scanned and uploaded into Aperio, a software that allows scientists to view slides digitally. Slides from my master’s thesis were uploaded into Aperio, and professors at the University of Florida used the slides to teach undergraduate, graduate and veterinarian students coral histology. Slides from the proposed work will be available to do the same.
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