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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Eris 趙羿心
Words from 2016 SIT Chief Organizer:
     As Asian power rises among the Pacific, the global trend is getting more and more competitive and dynamic. Taiwan’s role on the international stage and relationship with other nations become even crucial. That’s why SIT, Summer Institute in Taiwan, serve the role as a bridge between the East and the West Pacific, helping Taiwan to keep flourishing. All sixteen years of NTHU hosting SIT, I’m really honored to be part of it for three years in a row. The orientation week of Summer Institute in Taiwan is the most complicated week ever. However, it isn’t just a series of activities for foreigners to experience Taiwanese culture. SIT is a result of hard work we have put into in the previous six months. As the chief organizer, I must humbly give all the credits to 2016 SIT staff.
     After the curtain fell on 2015 SIT, we had worked on the recruitment of 2016 SIT. By planning proper promotion schedule, SIT successfully gained exposure on social media, which helped us spread the recruiting information. We chose the most elite eleven people out of almost fifty applicants in March. 2016 staff have proven their perseverance through twelve weekly meeting and an extensive 7-day pre-camp training. Twelve weeks have been a long journey. They tolerate my pickiness and extremely high standards when it comes to work, taking advice and making SIT better. It touched me is to see them make themselves better at the same time. For the recruitment this year, instead of choosing the experienced, we took the chance, embracing people lack of experience but full of passion. The result turned out well. I can’t feel more proud when seeing freshmen staff calmly dealing with emergences and making right moves under great pressure.
      Due to several concerns, we adjusted the duration of SIT from six days to five days. Even though the time was cut, the agenda was not less fulfilling. We prepared language courses, calligraphy lesson, cultural tours and welcome events. By doing so, we hope they can not only gain more knowledge and deeper understanding about Taiwan, but know the important role and relationship between Taiwan and North America. What’s more, we sincerely hope the orientation week would help the fellows to get used to the weather and adjust jet-lags so that they could achieve higher work efficiency during their stay in Taiwan.
     As 2016 SIT came to an end, we could take a short break. After fully recharged, we will start working on SIT next year as the new semester starts in fall. We hope through SIT, the importance of SIT, recognition of Taiwan, and relationship between Taiwan and North America can be further improved. Last but not least, the spirit of SIT shall last forever.
Eris Chao
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