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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Nicole 曾沛姿

My Sophomore Year in SIT 

Last year was my first time participating the Summer Institute program. I can still remember how excited I was last year. This year is a bit different from the experience I had last year. I was really happy that SIT had me last year, but this year is more like I am really happy to see other people enjoying the team work and we hold all the activities together.

       The reason for me to sign up for this program again was very easy, since I really had a great time last year and I want to learn more about organization and manage activities. Throughout the preparation, I really learned a lot, not only just the organization part but also that I had to manage my time really well. The third year in undergraduate program is like the most though year during the four years. I have to finish my work in the SIT program, and at the same time I need to hand in my assigned homework and papers on time in the classes I attended. It was not easy but I’m glad that I made it.

     As the time were approaching the orientation week, all that staff were very excited about the coming fellows. And it was a blast since they joined us during every activity, their reaction sometimes surprised us very much. Yet that was surprises in a good way since it gave us different interpretation even to our own cultures. They noticed little things we never noticed before. We had so much fun together and seeing the happy face of them gave me such a fulfilled feeling. In this program I not only learned things which I expected but also things I could never imagine before. The beauty of every heart-warming good morning and the surprise fellows brought us were just beyond description.

Joining the SIT program again this year gave me a brand new perspective on North-American cultures. And since I am more familiar about their cultures through the participation last year, I feel like I am more connected to what they were talking about and what they shared to me. I will definitely say that SIT gives me opportunities to experience what I can only experience abroad. And maybe that is the reason that makes this program stand out from all the other activities on campus.

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