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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Wes 許禮崴

First clip, first project.

     This is the first activity I get in participation with in my college life. Thanks to the chef and the vice that they gave me, merely a freshman student, a chance to be one of the staff. I’m glad to work in the marketing department and design the banner and T-shirts. It’s our honor that our staff like the items we design. The handwrite style icon of several tourist’s attractions took a lot of time to illustrate. The gradient color looks fabulous on T-shirt and banner. Since I had contacted some printing companies when I was in high school, it’s not a big deal for me to find one to produce these products this time.

     When it comes to the activities which I’m in charge, I would definitely mention my partner, Alan Yuan. It’s my pleasure to cooperate with him for two activities, and we get along well in a very short time. He is the one that can amend tiny error in our schedule plan on time and deal with any problems easily. We discussed on different aspects of the activities very often and analyzed the pros and cons of them. Without him, I won’t compose these activities smoothly. The orientation and the farewell party both received positive feedbacks. Thanks Alan again.

     Beyond these jobs above, I volunteering helped other staff to edit the farewell video played on Ministry of Science and Technology Farewell. With several experiences of making videos, it’s not difficult for me to assemble dozens of clips into a footage. The only annoying part of this job was that the absence of every chat & snack time because we needed to select the highlight clips every night. Though we missed that, I enjoyed the process of the cooperation and the adjusting the key frame of the animations. Of course, the evaluation of video by the fellows was pretty good. Our effort had paid off thankfully.

     After the quite short period of the orientation week, we could not bear to leave our wonderful fellows. However, our staff told me us that it’s not the end, instead, it’s the start of this journey. I’m really looking forward to the trips in different spectacular places in Taiwan in the following days. We will have an adventurous hiking in Teapot Mountain in this weekend. In addition, a trip to Hualien for three days in next weekend sounds also perfect to have an attempt. Hope we will have exhilarating memory of everyplace we visit.

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