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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Annie 林妤倩

A wonderful begin of my 2016 summer

        It’s my second time applying SIT and after these wonderful week, I know there’s no better way to start my summer vacation and I’m so glad that I applied for this again! I deem myself an energetic and crazy person, and SIT has reached my expectations, I can totally be who I am, crazily having fun with all the new-meet friends. These are all amazing people who refresh me with different kinds of personalities and lifestyles, aside from these, I’m glad that there were no obvious cultural boundaries between us. We could talk all kinds of topics, we drank, we danced, we learned from each other’s difference! It’s amazing that I can know so many great people within a week. Because I’m in charge of advanced Chinese language course, so I got the chance to get along with my five students quite abundant time. It’s my first time to teach someone else Chinese, at first I was freaked out but on the second and third day I was just really happy that I could have so much time spent with all my lovely students. They were diligent and when I taught them Taiwanese, the struggles showed on their faces were really cute. We had a great together, and we were having some activities, they were all cooperative! Though I’m younger than every of them, I didn’t feel the pressure teaching them. I really enjoy the time of being a teacher!! Though we had a tiring preparation week before the orientation week, and it was quite tense for me to handle all the activities such as Hakka translation and Chinese teacher, I still felt really excited when we had to the airport and picked them up. It’s a whole new experience, from picking them up at the airport or ventured to different places with these foreigners. Through this week, I know more about SIT staffs and I’m happy to find out that all of them are easy going and crazy as I am. To sum up, I couldn’t think of any bad about this experience. I learned a lot from these people, such as attitude toward work or amazing English ability, but most of all, I’m just glad that I earn a lot of friendships that even though SIT has ended, we still contact each other every day and talk a lot about our lives and plan on different activities together! Thanks to 2016 SIT, it truly brings me unforgettable memories with a bunch of wonderful people.


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