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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
David 潘宗佑

The best activity I ever had, SIT


        At the fresh man year in college, I did things that everyone does. I attend the volley ball team in our department and the guitar club. I try my best to maintain my GPA because that’s what I’m taught. The grade means a lot to students in Taiwan. It decides that if you can have a good job, have a good life, and to be a succeed person.

And it was the reason that I started to questioning about all the situation that I’m in. Why is it all about grades? Isn’t there something more important to make us into a book that walk? Just think about students in USA, I know students there are still learning about easy calculations in high school while we are learning some basic integration. But after four years in college, students in USA have done something great. For example, the establisher of Facebook.

        Hence, I challenge myself to do something crazy monthly. I try to see and to

Experience more things. And that’s what brings me to SIT. It’s a special organization. Every member is selected through interview and most of us are having different majors. But there’s one characteristic that they shares, they are all passionate and speak English really well of course. It’s a characteristic not common for students in Taiwan. Most of our learning is by sitting quietly and listening to teachers. But fellows in SIT are nothing like that! There seem to be no such a word called embarrassing. Being with them for this three months, I learned a lot from them. They’ve changed me inside.

        The whole five day trip is an amazing experience. Every fellow is in charge of two activities and a host of one activity. I’m in charge of “Foot Massage” and “Hakka”. But this is not most hard challenge to me. I learned a lot from scheduling, but which makes me learn most is being the host of the orientation activity. I’m no person that enjoys the stage. I get nervous easily, and then I screwed everything. But I changed. Not saying that I’m not nervous but I overcome the stage fright. And the first time, I kind of like the feeling of being on the stage. I’ve really appreciate for everything happened in this magnificent journey. Though there are upset moments and moments that I really want to give up everything, I will attend the SIT if I am able to choose again. I love every fellows and every changes.

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