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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan

Project Manager: Brian



Reason for event:

Acts as an improved replacement for the school tour. Instead of taking everyone outside under the blazing summer sun, we opted for something more indoors and more interesting to the majority of engineering students we get each year. THOR (short for Tsing Hua Open-pool Reactor) is the perfect destination for both comfort and content, being indoors (with AC) and heavily engineering-based.

Description of event:

With prior booking and required forms completed, we take a bus straight up to the front gate of THOR. The professor responsible for giving us the tour is waiting for us at the front entrance. After a quick bathroom opportunity, the tour smoothly starts as we are led up to the presentation room. A 40-minute long powerpoint presentation begins. The room is cool and comfortable, and magazines regarding THOR are distributed. After the presentation, the curtains at the front of the room are drawn open to reveal – gasp! – the inside of the reactor. The fellows cry out in surprise and delight as everyone gathers at the front to observe and take photos. The tour ends shortly after that, and everyone thanks the professor for his time. The staff lead everyone back the same way we came in and we set off on foot to our respective Language Course classrooms.



Notable feedback:

After the tour, about 5~8 fellows crowded around the professor to ask him more questions. They seemed very interested, and the professor was kind enough to answer them all in detail. In contrast to last year’s school tour, which mainly ended with complaints of heat and sweat, this indeed seems more to their liking. We are considering changing the school tour to THOR tour from this year onward. Having participated in both this year and last, I strongly recommend it – the summer heat really kills the mood and everyone’s interest super fast. If not THOR, then at least somewhere else with AC is definitely preferable.

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