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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
14. Foot Massage

Prohect Manager: David

     Foot Massage is a traditional culture of ours. It not only contains our traditional understanding toward medical, but also a way that we show our concern to our close related. We think this must be something new to them, because there is no such treatment in western medical system. This makes a perfect match to the purpose of Summer Institute in Taiwan. After the four day journey and before we say goodbye to all the friends, we arranged this plan to soothe their tiredness and also let them to have a cultural experience of foot massage.

     During the activity, I walked around to ensure that everyone is feeling well of the activity and to translate for them while they are lying on bed. Most of them are quite enjoying it not until when the staff who comes to video them because all the massagist press harder. I had to admit that I’m quite enjoying in watch all of this. The reaction of them is really funny and also cute. They keep saying things like “Go away!” or “Don’t listen to them” and of course we didn’t translate the latter one to them. But we do tell them the harder this goes the better they will feel after this. And they agreed with us when we are leaving.


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