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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
13. Lin Family

Project Managers: Gabriel and Brian

Reason for event:

To introduce traditional Taiwanese household life, design elements, and the best tidbits about our culture through a well-preserved historical site. Traditional toys such as diabolo and tops are incorporated to provide some hands-on fun lest things feel too dull, and we always rent traditional Chinese costumes to let fellows wear and take photos in. These photos become a great memory from their time during SIT, which doesn’t allow for many photo ops, making it an integral part of the Orientation Week.


Description of event:

After arriving at the mansion by bus, the fellows are separated into two groups, A & B, while the staff hurry to their respective spots. Staff members take care of the traditional toys section, the costumes section, camera and camcorder duty, as well as leading and time control with the two groups. Group A goes on a tour first, led by a tour guide from the mansion. Group B uses this time to try on Chinese costumes and play around with traditional toys. Staff members help them put the costumes on or teach them how to play with the toys. After the tour ends, the two groups switch roles as Group B is led on their tour by a second tour guide from the mansion. Right before the tour ends, however, one staff runs off to the souvenir shop to get our preordered popsicle sticks. As soon as Group B returns to the rendezvous point, icy popsicles are distributed to everyone as a treat for being in the blazing heat for so long. Now, this year, we added an original play for everyone to enjoy while eating popsicles. This play has staff members wearing costumes and acting goofily in accordance to a pre-recorded script about a made-up Chinese folk-tale. After the play, we pack up all the things and lead the fellows onto the bus to go to the restaurant for lunch.




Notable feedback:

The event was met with general praise, though the heat was often complained about. The play was rather successful for its first appearance in SIT history, inducing laughter from most members of the audience. The traditional toys were a huge hit as always, especially after the amazing diabolo performance from the Welcome Banquet. The tops and diabolos were notably the most popular toys among fellows, while the others were practically untouched. Costumes were worn and taken off extremely quickly due to the unbearable heat, but the photos were appreciated and even cherished by some. Fellows with Chinese backgrounds, however, did not want to put on the costumes as they deemed it “silly”. Overall, it was a very well-received event.

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