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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
12. Farewell Party

Project Managers: Wes and Alan

     At the last night of the orientation week, we are bound to give them an exciting, fiery, fascinating and groovy party to celebrate the wonderful week with SIT Staff and other fellows. The party is consisted of delicious dinner, glorious vocal guitar songs, hot dance show and trance party. There were two beautiful tracks, one in English and one in Taiwanese, were performed by guitarist David and singers Ivy and Janny. A dance performance brought to the audience by dancers Lucia, Jourdan and Annie. In addition, a not so serious but funny dance performed by Gabriel, David, Nicole, and Cindy, with a short interesting foreplay about a poignant love story before the hilarious performance. All of these activities let us get immersed in the relaxing atmosphere, leaving them a nice experience of nightlife in Taipei. During the free dancefloor time, every staff and fellow showed her/his excellent dance skill to cheer other up and motivate them to join the group. The floor was shaken heavily by all of us. I’m not sure if the one-hour dance was long enough for them to display their talent. Some fellows asked us to take lots of pictures with them since they really loved this party. We’re sure that our fellows enjoyed that night. Furthermore, I really appreciated our party hosts’ confidence on stage, DJ’s energetic music and my partner, Alan. Without his effort, the cooperation between him and me won’t work fluidly. I really like his positive attitude and proper consideration.

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