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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
11. National Palace Museum

Project Manager: Jourdan

     National Palace Museum has long been known as a prestigious museum and a wonderful collection of ancient China. If you walk into this giant palace, even it’s just a quick glimpse, you can feel how wise our ancestor was. No one can deny its beauty and greatness, including us. It is the best way for foreign people to know about Chinese culture.

     During the preparing process, it is hard for me to confirm if NPM will help me to make an appointment with English tourist guide or not. It is summer vacation! Everybody wants to have a tourist guide during their tour in NPM. Furthermore, according to our previous experience, the chance that NPM will give us a English guide is nearly 0. So this time, we abandon the idea that we may get a guide from NPM. It’s easier for me to prepare this way because I can make the plan simple and detailed. I think the NPM tour this time is rather good. The schedule went smoothly, though the lobby was in a chaos, full of tourists from all over the world. The key point for preparing this activity is that you have to make phone calls as many as you can. If you make enough phone calls to NPM and make sure that the person responsible for this project understands your needs, then you don’t have to worry about anything during the whole SIT camp.   

     All the fellows seemed to enjoy their time in NPM, and thought that they may need more time in the museum in order to fully understand the fantastic Chinese heritage. If the schedule isn’t too tight, maybe next time we can try to lengthen the time in NPM, giving the fellows more freedom to walk through the entire exhibition. This NPM tour makes me feel like I definitely have to go to NPM by myself in my summer vacation. We can’t hope foreigners to understand our culture, but we Taiwanese don’t understand our own culture at all. Moreover, students in Taiwan don’t have to pay anything to enter NPM, as long as they show their student ID card. It is such a wonderful choice to get a closer look to those antiques which you can only see them in textbooks.

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