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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
8. Calligraphy

Project Manager: Ivy

Chinese calligraphy has become the most iconic cultural representative in China's five-thousand-year long history. As the manager of this project, it's my honor and duty to introduce this long-lived culture to all the foreign fellows. We invited an professional teacher in calligraphy to introduce the beauty of calligraphy. The teacher first explained about the evolve of calligraphy and words through the thousand years so that fellows could understand fully of the background. Next, the teacher demonstrated some blessing phrases in calligraphy, and asked fellows to mimic the examples to write down their own calligraphy. To inspire the fellows' interests, teacher asked the other SIT staffs to help fellows write down whatever they want as a method of memorizing this exotic and unique experience.

And the next part of the lecture is writing on the paper fan, and aside from words, fellows can be as creative as they want to decorate their own fans. Because of the size, fellows are restricted to write only a few words on it; therefore, they tend to be more active in learning some specific words that can fully represent themselves, such as dragon or lotus. Added with the beautiful painting are works that made all the staffs had a gasp of awe.

On the calligraphy class and next day in National Palace museum, fellows could bring up ideas of identifying whether the calligraphy is good or not. Apparently, we have successfully taught the fellows the most iconic culture and triggered their interests toward this amazing and ancient beauty. I can say that this is indeed a meaningful cultural communication. It’s a pity that we, as outsiders can't fully convey the amazement of this ancient culture, we sincerely hope that for those who are interested in calligraphy can explore further on it.

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