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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
6. Food Making

Project Manager: Gabriel

     The main purpose of holding orientation week is let our friends come from America and Canada to experience our unique Taiwanese culture. We have site seeing tour to told them our history, and calligraphy and language course to let them learn, but how about our culture in food? That’s why we design this activity. The Best way introduce our food to them is to let them making themselves!

     Besides the food we choose last year, Yun Cake, I decided to add one more food in our activity, and that is “Kua-Pao”, both of them is festival related, it means a lot when we try to demonstrate the tradition in food. I have talk to the person in charge last year, she said that she also ordered some wheel pies last year in case some fellows feel they want to eat more. So I rethink the strategy, saving the money by not buying extra food, like wheel pies, but add one more food in the content of activity. Also, choosing Yun Cake and Kua-Pao is they are easy to make with requiring only bare hand.

How our fellows react:

    When I was planning how much ingredient that we have to buy, I thought someone might eager to make and eat more, so I asked the chef to prepare extra ingredient. However, turned out that a few ingredients just left, after all of the fellows finished their meal. I was confused and seize a chance to ask one fellow how did the food taste when we go to toilet together. And he said that the food was really great but they are just full so that they are not able to finish all of them(since we also prepared bubble milk tea for each of them). I also observed how much our fellows eat at some the meals after that. And the conclusion is, they really don’t eat much.

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