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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
4. Welcome Banquet

Project Manager: Jourdan

     Welcome banquet was held on the first day of SIT. It was rather important because it was a formal occasion that many professors or leaders of SIT would attend the banquet. The most difficult part for me was that I had to deal with the club performances and the hotel’s affairs at the same time. Communicating with clubs was a very tiresome thing because making sure the content of their performances and the schedule of rehearsals, the real shows were hard to control. Sometimes the clubs may misunderstand what I mean; thus, making sure over and over again was necessary. Fortunately, we got two people responsible for this project and the staff from Royal Hotel was very helpful. We divided the project into two parts; I took control of half of it, and Cindy took another.

    The shows were great that night, and the whole delicacies were delicious. All the fellows were impressed by how gracefully the players played “zhong” and other traditional instruments. They even took out their cellphones to take the videos and upload it to twitter. The delicacies were extremely expensive but worth its price. Many fellows doggy-packed the unfinished food and take back to their rooms. They were fond of the kind of dishes that were made of fried traditional bread.

    Thanks to this event and the brilliant host of the night—Brian and Alan, the process went smoothly and every fellow got a quick introduction to Taiwan and SIT. The thing that I think may be improved is the distribution of the tables. Some professors changed their minds about whether they want to go to the banquet or not at the last moment. The consequence was that there might be some tables without professors or having just one professor who was able to chat with the fellows in the banquet. Fellows might get bored easily and didn’t know what they should to. Next time, we could try to arrange the seats of professors evenly; thus every table got at least one professor to control the whole process.

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