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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
3. Keynote Speech

Project Manager: Lucia

     Keynote Speech is an awesome annual event held in Summer Institute in Taiwan (SIT), specially designed for the fellow members to have a better understanding about the relationship between Taiwan, Canada and the US. Each year, we invite an expert of the related field to deliver a thoughtful and wonderful speech for us. Through the Keynote Speech, we hope that each fellow member will know more, and hopefully care more, about the future developments and trends of the relationship between the three countries.
     In SIT of 2016, it was our honor to have invited professor De-hai, Liu to bethe speaker. Professor Liu is the professor at the department of diplomacy in National Cheng-Chi University (NCCU), majoring in comparative foreign policy and international relations. Thanks to him, we have another excellent speech for this year!
     During the Q&A time, the fellow members asked the questions actively, and were willing to express their thoughts. On the other hand, professor Liu also spent a
lot of time explaining and put lots of effort responding the questions. The exchange of thoughts and options between the fellow members and the professor brought another highlight into this event.
     After the speech, everyone was happy and satisfied, and we took a group picture together. Few people even went to the professor and wanted to continue talking a bit more about the topic of the speech. As the person in charge of the event, I felt really happy when I saw it, because that meant that we successfully reached the goals of the Keynote Speech!


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