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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
1. Orientation

     Project Managres: Alan and Wes

     The goal of the Orientation is to allow the fellows to not only know more about the staffs but also know more about other fellows. In addition to that, it also briefly introduce the culture of Taiwan, National Tsing Hua University to fellows, and talked briefly about the schedule of the following five days to fellows. Besides the introductions given by our hosts, we also planned two games for fellows to play: Staff Parts game, a game where fellows need to guess which staff is in the picture with only a few clues from the staff’s characteristics; and Name Guessing game, a game where fellows must guess each other’s name in a some sort of a Mexican standoff style. From fellows’ laughter, we could see that the fellows were having a great time during Orientation, especially during the Name Guessing game.

     We found out that not only the games were interesting, but also the self-introductions of fellows were also quite intriguing. Before we asked the fellows to introduce themselves on stage individually, we first handed out questionnaires that had two questions on each questionnaire: What is your weird interest/something no one knows about you, and what is the most amazing experience you’ve ever had. Many fellows came up with many interesting answers that not only amazed other fellows, but also amazed the staffs. One of the more interesting ones we remembered was the anti-poaching experience of a fellow, who had once went anti-poaching somewhere in Africa. 

Voice Play