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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
2. Language Course

Project Managers: Ivy and Annie

     Summer Institute in Taiwan is an annual project sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, National Science Foundation and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Therefore, in the Orientation Week, we designed Chinese classes for three days and total seven hours in hope of fellows can get more understanding toward this beautiful island. We separated fellows into basic and advanced language course through their knowledge toward Chinese. We hoped that they could learn and absorb as much as they could in suitable class. Regarding to basic language courses, we invited Chinese center’s teacher to lecture whereas in advanced language course SIT staff was responsible for the courses.

     Since language courses took a big part in orientation week, the basic language course focused quite a lot on basic greetings, self-introduction and numbers and so on, the lectures were combined with games so that fellows could learn in a more interesting way. On the other hand, advanced language course focused more on cultural aspect; hoping that fellows could know more about Taiwan’s sights, dialects and food. On the last day, both basic and advanced language courses went on field trip! The teachers took fellows to cafeteria to practice Chinese with Taiwanese, hoping that through communication they can express themselves well after the three-day lecture.

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