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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Interview with Irene Zhao (2010 & 2014 SIT participant)

“ I felt that there is a very strong coherence within the research lab in Taiwan .”

--- Irene (Yin-Jun) Zhao (2010&2014 SIT Participant)

1. Motivation for participating SIT program for the second time

 The very first reason that I come to Taiwan this time is because I learned about professor Yang's research on non-destructive structural health monitoring technique for wind turbine blades. So by coming over, I wish to build a strong collaboration with him, so I can learn more about how to characterize structural behavior of wind turbine blades. I also have another reason to come, which is to explore more about Taiwan. I actually came here for joining this program 4 years ago, but I wasn't able to explore everywhere, so I wish to take this opportunity to explore somewhere else that I haven't been to last time and just tour around.

2. What did you learn from your host professor and from your lab?

So the first thing that I learned about Professor Yang is of course his research approaches: using digital image correlation technique and finite element analysis; he is also able to give me a lot of advice on similar FEM methods that we develop back in Davis.

And I also learned some research culture like culture in research lab here. I felt that there is a very strong coherence within the research lab in Taiwan that a lot of graduate students in the same lab ,we collaborate together on one simple task and complete that in a very short amount of time; that approach is one very efficient way I do admire about research environment in Taiwan

3. What do you think about SIT program, is there anything we can improve?

I really don't know anything that you guys can improve. Pretty much you guys are excellent already. The only thing that I want to recommend is to give us more time for composing our report. Maybe give us like one more month so we can be more precise.

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