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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
2014 Orientation Activities
Campus Tour [ 2014-11-04 ]
To let SIT students know more about NTHU, we introduced some famous scenic spots during our route including the new NTHU library, Cheng-Gong Lake, the building of physics, the plum garden and the college of humanities and social sciences.
Orientation Speech [ 2014-11-04 ]
Orientation speech is a ceremony which is meant to let fellows know more about Taiwan and National Tsing Hua University.
Dumpling [ 2014-11-04 ]
Innovation is the strongest power in 21t century. Hence, in 2014 SIT program, we strive to do something special, unique, and different from the previous years' programs, and dumpling making is one of the events we come up with.
2014 Welcome Banquet [ 2014-11-04 ]
For the welcome banquet this year, we selected Peng-Yuan restaurant, which is located right next to Tsing-Hua University.
2014 Calligraphy Course [ 2014-11-04 ]
Chinese character is the most representative part of the Chinese culture, and Chinese calligraphy is an art combined with the special character structure, shape and strokes, which is the great inheritance of Chinese culture.
2014 Hakka Tour [ 2014-11-04 ]
In order to help American and Canadian friends experience more about Taiwanese culture and Hakka style farm life, we brought them to竹語茶廬, an authentic Hakka-style farm at Hsinchu County and spent five hours visiting it.
2014 Chinese Class [ 2014-11-04 ]
We arranged three Chinese courses for the participants on the first three days of Orientation Week. There were two classes, one for beginners, and the other for advanced learners. Based on participant’s level of proficiency in Chinese, we put each of them into different levels classes
2014 Topical Speech [ 2014-11-04 ]
Professor Yen is a significant International Politics researcher in Taiwan. Also, Chen-Shen Yen has been a professor in the Department of Politics at National Taiwan University and National Chengchi University.
Ceramic art is one of the symbols in Chinese culture; furthermore, Yingge is a prosperous center of ceramics in Taiwan.
2014 Shilin Night Market [ 2014-11-04 ]
Night markets, can be found easily in almost every small town and city in Taiwan, are definitely popular destinations among locals.
The Lin Family Garden and Mansion is today the best preserved private garden and residence from the Qing dynasty in Taiwan.
The Taipei National Palace Museum houses the largest collection of priceless Chinese artifacts and artwork in the world.
2014 Farewell Party [ 2014-11-04 ]
To be honest, in the beginning we compared a lot of night clubs with this more bar-like place in different aspects like the space, price, atmosphere, food and drink, neatness, service attitude and so forth.
2014 Taipei 101 [ 2014-11-04 ]
Taipei 101, also known as the Taipei Financial Center, is a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District
2014 Foot Massage [ 2014-11-04 ]
We kept thinking through what kinds of activities could let our foreign friends get to know Taiwan more directly. In the end, we decided to follow the choice of last year--“Foot Massage”.
As a matter of fact, originally we planned to have our closing ceremony at hotel where the equipment, dishes, and space were mostly better than those which were specifically rent for holding large activities such as camps, international interaction activities and so forth.
After the Orientation week, fellows of 2014 SIT would go to different institutions in Taiwan to conduct their research in the following seven weeks.