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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Host Professor's Remarks
It was my first time to have a student from EAPSI (East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes) program.
Our lab enjoyed hosting Daniel Cleary as apart of NSF EAPSI and SIT exchange programs.
I greatly appreciate MOST for providing me this opportunity to host Bonita Squires and help her learn more about Taiwan Sign Language (TSL), deaf education in Taiwan and deaf culture in Taiwan.
The first time I met Ms. Caitlyn Korren of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA was at an international meeting of earth sciences (2013 Fall Meeting of American Geophysics Union (AGU)).
It is our great honor to host Mr. Mathew (Matt) Bowers, an outstanding phD student in Atmospheric Sciences in Purdue University.
It's been a great pleasure hosting Ms. Andréa Davis this summer on a grant from NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI).
It was a great pleasure to have Bryant Doss as an exchange student in my laboratory this summer.
When Todd contacted me last year, my first impression was that Todd is highly accomplished and very ambitious.
I’m glad to have Szu-Pei Fu from Department of Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA, as a research fellow in my lab this summer.
It’s been a pleasant cooperation with Jarel from this SIT program. This is my third time joining this program.
am pleased to report that Mr. Graham Hagen-Peter from UC Santa Barbara has had a very fruitful summer working in my lab at the Dept. of Geosciences, National Taiwan University for the exchange research program.
I am very pleased to provide a summary report about the visit of Mr. Pete Finocchio during the past two months for participating the NSF EAPSI program in my group at National Taiwan University.
This is a bilateral collaboration between Prof. Chris Xu’s and my Labs.
It is my pleasure to host Joel’s visiting in my lab and to help his collect fish around Taiwan. Joel wrote me an e-mail on October 8th, 2013, to inquire me about the possibility to collect fish samples in Taiwan.
I am pleased to have Ms Sara Hugentobler from Stony Brook University, New York, as an exchange student in my laboratory this summer.
We are very happy to host Mr. Ben Jawdat from University of Houston USA for his summer internship via SIT program.
I was very pleased to host Peter Leykam, a doctoral candidate from the Anthropology Department of the University of California Santa Cruz, for his SIT research period.
Mr. Adonis Pimienta-Penalver, a Ph.D candidate at SUNY at Buffalo, has been conducting research under my supervision at NCKU since July 4th, 2014.
Adam Rydbeck first wrote to me in mid-October, 2013 to express his interest in applying for the US NSF East Asian and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) fellow for the summer of 2014.
We are very fortune to have Mr. Adam Smith from University of Hawaii, USA, as an exchange student in my laboratory this summer.