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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Comments and Suggestions from 2014 SIT participants

u   Thank you! You were great representatives for Taiwan! Helpful, welcoming, kind, generous in the orientation package, it would be nice to have maps of Hsinchu and Taipei.

u   I can't believe how much I enjoyed this time. The only thing I can think of is more rest time would have been helpful. My favorite thing was getting to know all of you. I will miss you

u   I sincerely appreciate all the work and thank you very much for all the arrangement

u   Thank guys! I really appreciate all of the effort. Each of you put into getting really for this orientation. Good luck to you all in all of your future endeavors. Please let me know if I can help you in any way!

u   I cannot possibly over fate the quality of this program. There were many "5" scores on my assessment because the orientation was nearly perfect. I cannot fully express how amazing the activities and staff were. Everyone who participated was incredibly dedicated. The staff was the hardest - working, sweetest and most compassionate people that I have ever met. The SIT program has given me a wonderful impression of Taiwan. I hope to continue professional collaboration and friendships with many of the amazing people that I've met. The SIT program is an excellent way to initiate international collaboration.

u   The staff worked very hard, and it showed. Everything was extremely smooth and well planned. The staff was beyond friendly and helpful. Everyone on the staff is terrific! The only suggestion I have is that it would be helpful if there were an official time to get phones/MRT cards/etc. Everything was so well planned, but it will be hard to function without the staffs help. THANK YOU!!

u   I was surprised for the amount of funding MOST puts into the program! I was treated very well. I feel like we don't deserve to be treated so nicely! I think that you guys did the best job you could ever do. See you guys later! p.s. Kevin & Bocard are the friendliest people ever! I hope you two come to Meiguo and hang out! I will be in touch!

u   The staff did an absolutely amazing job!!! We could not have asked for a better or more friendly group of people. The orientation week was a magical week, and we were treated with so much kindness and hospitality. I worry that there is no way I can say Thank you enough. The staff were excellent ambassadors of Taiwan.

u   Everything was put together very well. All staff made sure that each of us was having a good time and made sure we all felt welcome. All of the programs we fun and gave us a good introduction to the country. This was a great introduction and it will make the rest of my trip a lot smoother. The staff worked so hard and they did great jobs! Thank you all. SIT staff!

u   No suggestion for next year. It is already so great. The staff was the best. Very friendly, well spoken , fun and responsible

u   Best staff. Everything was really perfect, and you gave us all a wonderful introduction to Taiwan.

u   I really enjoyed past 5 days. Every member of the staff was fun to be around. I'm very impressed by how organized everything was. Thank you!

u   The whole week was great. Everything was very well planned. The days were very long but I enjoyed them and it was all worth it.

u   Thank you for doing an amazing job. You have been very warm and gracious. You have represented Taiwan so well

u   It was really good and went really well. Thanks so much for helping us. It's very scary when you don't speak the language. You helped us so much. Wendy was great and very on top of everything. Love you guys. Sometimes it would have been nice to get more time to sleep.

u   You guys did a wonderful job scheduling events and planning everything. It was truly the best orientation I have participated in … ever. The activities and food were perfect. Thank you. One suggestion may be to include brief periods for people to return their rooms after lunch to freshen up between activities.

u   I would add a bus tour of Taipei

u   I have a lot of fun during this orientation. It was a great opportunity to meet other students from Taiwan and aboard. The activities were a lot of fun and well-organized. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

u   I would shorten orientation by 2 days. It was great but I want to set to my research.

u   THANKS!!!

u   I thought the schedule was excellent. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for all the work you put unto these past 5 days. You have all given me the impression that the Taiwanese people are exceptionally kind, friendly people, and I was so happy to have met all of the staff of SIT. If any of you ever come to the U.S., I hope that we could make you fell just as welcome and try to give you as great an experience.

u   The SIT staff did a wonderful job packing in so many activities in such a short time! My only recommendation is to add an extra day to the orientation, because it felt like there were actually too many activities in each day. Thank you again for everything; you’re the best