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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
SIT Evaluations
★ It was beyond my expectations.

★ It was a really amazing week! You all are so friendly.

★ If there was a “6”, I would circle that one.

★ I really appreciate all the hard work the SIT staff put into making this week flawless.

★ I thought each and every staff member was exceptional, knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. An amazing group of people.

★ Thank you for an amazing introduction to Taiwan! You are among the most charismatic people I have met/ I am so impressed!

★ I have been coming to Taiwan for years and I feel more prepared to be here because of this one week than I have over all these years.

★ The SIT staffs were enthusiastic, welcoming and tolerant with us during the transition into Taiwan. Thanks for teaching us the Taiwan song!

★ Although all the activities were fun and interesting… but it was a bit busy, if there were some short breaks in between the activities it would've been perfect!

★ I think the museum should have slightly more time. But overall, I had a really, really great experience. The SIT staff was phenomenal. They did an amazing job!

★ Very exciting for the future scientific development in Taiwan. I hope more students could come take part in this program. Awesome overall, thanks a lot!!

★ I am so impressed by the quality and quantity of work by the SIT staff. I have done so many new things that I have never tried before, e.g. foot massage, Hakka village, going to a dance club.

★ The staff tried very hard to make us happy, they were a wonderful group. However I would have preferred to have more personal time, unsupervised, to rest + explore. Maybe exclude fewer activities next year, so the week will not be so rushed.

★ All of the SIT staff members did an excellent job. The T-shirts and graphics on the poster and banners were very well done. I am amazed at how all everything was organized. Everything (all activities) during the week went perfectly/ I had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing the SIT staff again at the farewell in August.

★ I really appreciate all the work that you all do for this program. I feel extremely welcome to Taiwan and I feel like I was very well introduced to the culture. You guys over did yourself on many of the activities. Thank you for opening up to us and making us feel welcome in your country. I wish we could do the same for you.

★ Well I was very nervous about this summer program. I have never travel abroad to study. I was nervous about the trip, not being able to speak the language and working in a very different environment. But the SIT staff made me feel so welcome, they went out of their way to make sure we had a wonderful time!

★ I really can’t believe how much work the SIT staff put in to make this week one of the most memorable ones of my life. I think every event should be kept for next year’s event especially the delicious meals! Every SIT staff member was warm and genuinely friendly. I hope we can stay friends forever!

★ The SIT staffs have been exceptionally great in welcoming us to Taiwan. Introducing us to the Taiwanese culture, helping us with anything that we needed. We all really appreciate the hard work you put into the program. The only suggestions i have is to have more water bottles available. Thank you for a great first week in Taiwan!!

★ This really was an excellent program. Very well executed with the most loving + caring staff in existence. Please don’t’ change. Suggestions: Please let us know ahead of time what we will be doing + what the dress code is to eliminate confusion.

★ I very much like how activities were generally interactive rather than plainly just looking and walking. Personally, I would have preferred food more Asian in nature, e.g. at the lunch at Café Socrates and the food at the Farewell Party. It seemed these meals were uncharacteristically Western. I don’t think this was necessary if this was a concerted decision. I was also curious to learn more about the staff, e.g. what their lives were like growing up, not just cultural and historical perspective, but also about current life in Taiwan. I think something natural might be good to add? E.g. hiking or beach? I've heard Hualien is beautiful, but I don’t actually know. Either way, Taiwan also has natural beauty that we didn't get to see.