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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
SIT Evaluations
★ I would do this every year if I could.
★ I would like to have a trip to the beach one day for some swimming.
★ Very organized program. Thank you!
★ This week has been sooooo amazing. I love you guys!!
★ Incredible experience that I'll never forget! Come stay with me in USA!
★ The volunteers were the highlight of my orientation. I will miss them so much.
★ Amazing execution of an incredibly diverse and busy program. Very impressed by the staff.
★ Thanks for organizing so many fun events to introduce Taiwanese culture! I had a really good time!

★ I had an amazing time because of SIT staff! Thanks so much for an unforgettable experience.

★ Love the SIT staff!!!!! All so friendly!!Thank you for the amazing experience and the hard work went into it!!

★ The staff of SIT was great!! It would be good to give everyone a tower!! Because there was a lot of sweating.

★ I wish to express my gratitude to the SIT staff. They did a wonderful job. They made this program run smoothly and efficiently.

★ I wish to express my gratitude to the SIT staff. They did a wonderful job. They made this program run smoothly and efficiently.

★ Thank you for working so hard to make our week so great ! Taiwan is amazing and I hope to visit many times!I love you all!

★ The staff was amazing! I felt so welcome and my every need was meet! Wonderful people! I LOVE TAIWAN! Thank you so much for making this experience
★ I love the SIT staff! I will miss you so much - if anyone is ever in Texas let me know. So friendly and patient :) Visiting Taipei: 101 would be nice for next year. Also after the party we should do something that requires little walking.

★ Nice, enthusiastic, and well-organized hosts. Thank you. But, it would be even better if you have other options for participants who are already familiar with Taiwan, or... shorten the program, 3~4days enough maybe.

★ You guys were awesome. I don't know how you could find the time to play and prepare all of this and sleep. Everything went so smoothly and you were incredibly patient with us when we were acting like fools. I will recommend this program to everyone I know.

★ This week has been unbelievable and so many great memories have been made. I will never ever forget you guys. All your hard work has been so apparent. I love everything we did this week. You guys are seriously the best ever! I learned so much and had a great experience.

★ A detailed instruction of what will be happening in the schedules so to cause less confusion of what will be happening. More parallel processing (walkie talkies?), perhaps divide the group into two interests and levels. Overall, a very good job on the entire program. Great job!

★ Thanks so much for an amazing experience. I will never forget. You guys are one of the nicest people I've ever met. I enjoyed every minute we spent together. I really appreciated your enthusiasm, passion and sense of humor, and cannot believe I won't get to see your beautiful faces every day. Thanks again for all of your hard work this fabulous experience would not have been possible without you. If you're ever in the states, let me know I would like to return the favor! p.s. I just gotta say you guys are the best looking group of orientation staff I've ever met. I have a crush on every one of you. Call me.

★ Such an awesome week! Cool intro to Taiwan, especially we experience the sites and unique cultural activities. Staff were all amazing! Special thanks to Johnson, you rock! So helpful before I arrived here, too. I felt well looked after. So nice, you went above and beyond, helping me with accommodation etc when my host didn't. Thank you. - Only improvement, could suggest would be a detailed itinerary, and possibly other options for participants who have been here. Ice breaker games/ intros on day offer would be good ,too. - Awesome experience overall! Appreciate all the hard work & friendship form the staff.