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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
2011 Orientation
  • Arriving Taiwan

  At Taoyuan International Airport, the staff from National Tsing Hua University were waiting and welcome the participants with great expectation and lovely smiles. All the participants arrived Taiwan smoothly as our expectations. After exchanged heartwarming civilities, the staff took them to the Lakehore Hotel for relaxing and had a comfortable first night.



  • Language Course

In order to help the participants fit into life style in Taiwan quickly, we arranged an eight-hour-long language course for the participants. This year, we were honored inviting language teacher Jia-Yu Wu to lecture the course for us. With joyous mood, participants learned introducing themselves, ordering from menu, asking for time and basic conversation. The useful language course was useful and interesting for the participants to make friends easily.



  • Hakka Village

There are various cultures in Hsinchu, we arranged the Hakka Village specifically in our schedule since it is the most special one. Participants tried the traditional way to use soil to cook. During the kilning time, we learned how to make the straw rope and visited Hakkaness agricultural implements with interpreter’s help. In addition, we had Hakka-tea time after finished the kilned-food. In the end of visiting, participants and the staff wrote down the wishes on the Sky Lantern and let it flow into sky.



  • Calligraphy Course

Calligraphy is one of the important Chinese cultures. The Calligraphy teacher showed the history and the beauty of Chinese Calligraphy. Besides the basic writing, we also had the Spring Festival couplets and folding fans for participants making their own. I addition, we appreciated the Calligraphy Club members of National Tsing Hua University for helping the participants’ practice. All of the participants loved the Calligraphy Course very much.



  • Hsinchu Science Park Tour

This year we had an honor to visit the company of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited (TSMC). TSMC is the world's largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry, and its headquarters and the main operations are located in the Hsinchu Science Park in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Because of this cooperation, participants had the chance to interact with the members of TSMC directly and knew more about the industry of Taiwan’s Company.



  • Shih-Lin Night Market

   Taiwan’s night market is famous for delicious food, there are more than three hundreds Taiwan. Night market is a place to try out the various tasty snacks and it should not be missed when traveling to Taiwan. At the first night in Taipei, we visited one of the most famous night market, Shih-Lin Night Market, in Taipei. Participants tried a lot of snacks and fruits drinks only been found in Taiwan. They also experienced the Night Market Games and practiced the Chinese conversation as they learned before. Everyone enjoyed the food and had a lot of fun here.


  • Long Shan Temple

During the visiting in Taipei, we went to the biggest temple, Longshan Temple, which was built in 1738 by settlers from Fujian, China and has a long history. It served as a place of worshiping and gathering place for the Chinese settlers. During the past years, Lomgshan Temple has been damaged either in full or parts on numerous earthquakes and fires. Most temples in Taiwan, Longshan Temple also worshiped a mixture of Buddhist, Taoist, and folk deities such as Matsu. Participants were amazed by the multicultural religions, and the ways people pray respond to the god. The beauty of traditional building was also the focus on everyone’s camera.



Foot massage

  Foot Massage is based on the premise, form where our nerve zone or reflection point goes from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head, encompassing all vital organs in our body. We went to a famous Foot Massage store in Ximending, where is one of the most important business districts in Taipei. With a great expectation coming to the store, participants sat on the massage chair and the trained doctors put pressure on different meridians or energy lines on the sole. The staff helped the doctors to translate the pain from different side of feet meant different cause of illness. After finished the massage, most of participants felt great and said they will try again in the future in Taiwan. It was a special and memorable experience for the participants!



  • Taipei 101

As participants’ highly requirement, we added a new schedule to Taipei 101 in our Orientation Week schedule this year. Taipei 101 is known as the Taipei Financial Center and it includes finance, headquarters of business and industrial, shopping mall and all kinds of entertainments. It becomes a landmark in Xinyi District in Taipei and famous traveling place in Taiwan. We went to the top of Taipei 101 by high speed elevator. On the top, we saw the night view of Taipei city and some participants promised that they will take their friends to see the beauty from here in the future. We also visited the architectural high-technology design of Taipei 101 and it was amazing!


Farewell Party – SIT ROCKS!

SIT ROCKS! In the last night of the orientation week, it was the time for farewell party! We chose a fashionable restaurant and did our best to prepared lots of interesting activities such as dancing, singing, playing games and sharing the experience. In the end, we shared about our attachment of Orientation Week and gave our best wishes. It was an unforgettable memory for all of us.



  • Yingge District

Yingge District is one of the newest parts this year. It’s an urban district located on the Dahan River in southwestern New Taipei City in Taiwan. Yingge District is famous for the production of porcelain and an abundance of art studios and shops. This time, we visited the Yingge museum of Ceramics, except introduced the history of Taiwan ceramics, and we invited the ceramics teacher to teach us how to do the molding clay, which was an interested and special baptism for participants. Everyone tried to make the productions hardly; however, most of us had a satisfied and colorful art work.



  • National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum is the best place for visiting, which is considered one of the greatest collection of ancient Chinese arts and legacy in the world. In addition, the museum is one of the famous spot in the world. In the museum, we made a visit with the narrator for the calligraphy, carving, painting and so on. Through the introduction of the history, ancient cultures and interesting stories, participants not only knew a lot about beautiful Chinese arts but also had a substantial culture tour.



  • Project Sharing

On August 19th, we arranged a project sharing at the coffee shop in National Tsing Hua University after participants finished the eight weeks research. It was a new attempt this year and we hoped participants could meet each other again and shared their research before they went back to their countries. Before the meeting, the staff collected and printed all the participant’s research reports into posters. The coffee shop was decorated by participants’ research reports. By doing this way, everyone could not only have delicious buffet and go around the shop to look around other’s research but also had a chance to introduce their research. After the sharing time, the staff made a video, as a gift, for presenting our memories that had done during the Orientation Week and some participants also sharing their impression and appreciation. Finally, we all wished our participants the best and we hope to meet each other in the near future. SIT ROCKS!