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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
SITers' Talk

“I really don’t have anything but good things to say about my research experiences here                                                                       Sergei Snovida( SIT08 participant)

“SIT is a triple-win program for participants, professors and students in Taiwan”

Dr. Fan Tung-Yung (SIT2004, 2007, 2008, 2009 host professor)


“NMMBA might be one of the 2 or 3 places in the world that has the real marine life near the lab”         

   -Anderson Mayfield (SIT2008 participant)
 (NFS International postdoctoral research fellow)


“The SIT participants’ independent and hard-working attitude set up a role model for other graduate students here.”        

-Chii Shiarng Chen (SIT Host Professor)

“SIT is no doubt a great opportunity to make working in Taiwan possible, develop networks to know more people and broaden horizons”            

-Michael Tong (SIT2008 participant)

Introduction of NTHU [ 2010-10-12 ]

“Farshid’s diligent work enlighten the other students to be a good researcher like him”               -Professor Hsiao-Wei D. Chiang (SIT2010 host professor)

SIT2010 Orientation Week [ 2010-09-20 ]

“I have trouble remembering the past 4 years of my thesis, but I won’t forget this summer”                           

                                       -Shidan Murphy (SIT2010 participant)


“The research environment in Taiwan is really great; however, the biggest research difficulty here might beTaiwan is an appealing distraction!”    

-Bart Trzynadlowski (SIT2010 participant)

I am pretty sure I will come back to Taiwan, it is such an unforgettable journey for me, people here are nice, my host professor could not be better and everything here is awesome.”                      Farshid Zabihian SIT2010 participant

"People Matters" Tim Chen [ 2010-08-23 ]

“It is the people that made SIT perfect and attracted me to be the staff for 4 years; no matter staffs or participants,I made some lifelong friends”                                                       --Tim Chen (SIT2006 2007 2009 satff / 2010 Chief Organizer)

“SIT gave me a great opportunity to touch with people from different countries, cultures and fields.”                       
                                                                                                            -- Jack Chiang (SIT 08, 09, 10 staff)