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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
SIT 2011
* Hsing (Tsai Hsing-Yu 蔡幸妤)
- Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, NTHU

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* Karina Sun (Sun Li-Ting 孫立庭)
- Foreign Languages and Literature (also double major in Chinese Literature)

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* Shu Chang ( Chang Shu-Chen張淑珍)
- Graduate Student in Management of Technology

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* Angela Su (Su En-Ping蘇恩平)
- Graduated from: Chinese Literature, NTHU
Now working at: Division of student extracurricular activities service/ SIT program assistant

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* Jing (Chen I-Ching 陳奕靜)
- Photonics Technologies
* Sandra Sung (Sung Chih-Chie 宋之琦)
- Double Specialty program of Management and Technology- Economic + Law

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* Daniel Lin (林庭瑜)
- Department of Industrial Engineering (Master student )

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* Ruth (Chen Yi-Ju 陳奕如)
- Quantitative Finance (QF)

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* Kenneth Chen( Chen Ke-Han陳克瀚)
-Currently study in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences(DHSS), majoring Sociology and Anthropology

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* Cindy ( Wang Yu-Hsin王雨馨)
- Foreign Languages and Literature

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* Eily ( Tang Jing-Yi湯靜宜)
- Graduated from : Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTHU
Now working at: Division of student extracurricular activities service// program assistant
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* Lizzy (Sung Han-Yu 宋函育)
-Quantitative Finance (QF)

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* Jeffery Yu (Yu Chih-Chuan游智詮)
- Master student of Computer Science

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* Agnes Liao ( Liao Tzu-Wei廖芷微)
- Quantitative Finance

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* Jim Hu ( Hu Juen扈均)
- Computer Science

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* George Lin ( Lin Zhen-Hao) 林震豪
- Master Degree of Electronic Engineering

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* Wranky ( Wang Yun-Kai王運凱)
- Electrical Engineering(Double E)

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