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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Need To Know

Why is it important to provide personal information to SIT staff early and bring a copy of the passport?

NTHU will buy insurance for all participants for 8 weeks during their stay in Taiwan starting the first day; thus, it is imperative to provide participants’ full names, passport numbers and birthdays to the insurance agency. This is why SIT staff will ask for the related information in advance.

   In addition, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) [originally called National Science Council (NSC)] will provide $41000 NTD (after tax deduction) for the students’ daily stipend in Taiwan (MOST assistance fund) during the two months and the receipt requires each participant’s passport copy as an attachment as well as for the Record of ID number  in the Republic of China. This is why NTHU SIT staff will kindly ask for two copies of your passport and other personal information in advance.


   Foreign visitors on short-term stay in Taiwan cannot be covered by Taiwanese National Health Insurance Plan. The only type of insurance that can be covered is liability insurance (including, but not limited to, automobile accidents, falling…etc.). Sickness such as food poisoning or diarrhea is not covered by this type of insurance.

NTHU will purchase the following insurance policies:

Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPA): Claim up to 3 million NTD (3 million NTD for accidental death. Disability claims may vary.)

Medical Non Social Insurance / Medical Social Insurance: Up to 300000 NTD (hospitalized due to injury, thirty thousand NTD maximum). Solarium: 1000 NTD (1000 NTD per day spent in hospital).

   It is highly recommended to inquire your current insurance agencies about your policies regarding foreign health plans and medical expenditures. If our policies are not adequate to your needs, you should purchase additional traveler related medical insurances at your current residence.

Cellular phone in Taiwan

   To open a cell phone account in Taiwan requires two pieces of ID number. SIT staff will help everyone to obtain their Record of ID number in the Republic of China during the orientation week. You can use your passport and your Record of ID number in the Republic of China to buy prepaid card in local convenient stores or from cellular telephone service providers.



   Board and lodging will be planned by NTHU during the orientation week at no cost. However, from the second week to the eighth week, research participants should check with their host institutes for their lodging before their arrival. Research participants should pay for their lodging and food from the 2nd week to the 8th week from the MOST assistance fund (41000NTD ). A friendly reminder to participants: it is possible that your hosting institute will provide accommodation at the dormitory of the research institutes, please contact you host in advanced.

   Generally speaking, Taiwan's student dormitory has a room accommodating 2~4 students and a single bath to share with optional air conditioning, which may be drastically different from US and Canadian dormitory standards. Please confirm with your host institutes prior to your arrival or have them book either affordable guest houses on campus or nearby suites for you.