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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
Activity Record

Arriving Taiwan
As we expected, all the

participants arrived Taiwan on June 26 or June 27. Staffs of National TsingHua University welcomed them at National TaoYuan Airport with our lovely posters and smiles.


Orientation and Introduction

   The first activity of orientation week is “Introduction”. Richard and Joyce, the host of the activity, gave the participants a terrific introduction of Taiwan and NTHU in 2 hours. After that, all the participants knew more about this beautiful island.


Language Course

  Language might be the most difficult and interesting part of culture shocks; therefore, we arranged 8-hour-long language courses for the participants. The lecturer of this year is professor Wen-Yuh Shieh. Participants learned how to do self-introduction, express the time and date, show their feeling and daily dialogues in Mandarin.


Topical Speech: Taiwan Culture

   In order to help our participants have furtherer understanding about Taiwan, we were honored to invite Professor Chen ChungMing to give a speech. Professor Chen teaches Anthropology and does research about Taiwan. He talked about Political, racial and economical issues.


Hakka Village

   After all the introduction of Taiwan culture, we headed to Peipu to experience the real local culture. We tried the traditional way of cooking, visited Hakkaness agricultural implements, made sky lantern…etc.

Calligraphy Course

   The Chinese Characters are viewed as one of the mysterious part of Chinese culture. In the calligraphy course, all the participants tried to write with a brush.

All of the participants enjoyed the course very much!


Technical Tour

   The development of technology is one of the most famous industries in Taiwan and the high-tech research is what NTHU famous for. Therefore, we arranged our participants to visit the Biomedical Science and Engineering center and it was really impressive for our participants.


Taiwan High Speed Rail

 THSR is the fastest moving way in Taiwan Island and all of us took that to Taipei. All the participants were impressed with the comfort and quietness of THSR.


Shih-Lin Night market

   Taiwan is also famous for its delicious food that should not be missed. One of the most exciting activities is visiting the night market, especially one of the most well-known night market—Shih-lin night market. We tried lots of “Taiwan-only” food and enjoyed that!


Long Shan Temple

   The uniqueness of religion in Taiwan stands for the life style of local people. We visited the biggest temple in Taipei—Long Shan Temple, which has a long history. Participants were amazed by the differences between custom and custom, the way people pray and what responsibility the gods take.


Foot massage

   Foot massage, for the participants, might be the most exciting part. The unique medical way for relaxing in Taiwan satisfied all the participants and most of them said they will try again in the future 2 months in Taiwan.


CKS Memorial Hall

 As a historic spot, CKS memorial Hall is part of Taipei City. We introduced the political history after 1949 and the meaning behind the building to our participants. What’s more, we played the traditional toys, such as shuttlecock, diabolo, and whipping top there.

Farewell Party

 Time did fly! In the last night of the orientation week, we held a farewell party. We danced, played games, sang songs, and exchanged gifts. Finally, all of us almost cried and ended up with the unforgettable memory.

National Palace Museum

   National Place Museum is the best place for visiting ancient Chinese art. The calligraphy, carving, painting…etc are definitely worth visiting. In addition to the treasures inside, the building is one spot as well. Through the introduction of the tour guild, all the participants learned the beauty of Chinese art.