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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
2016 Participants' Comments and Suggestions

Participants’ Feedback



I have been constantly impressed with all of the work you've done and with your patience. (we’ve been fairly wild) I do hope that after you have an opportunity to rest that we will see you again and let us treat you!

Thank you all!

Seriously, you have all been just amazing. I have not felt so welcome to another country, nor have I had the chance to be shown so much in such a short period. I hope (and expect) you all will come and spend even more time with us too!


A   A bit more "free time" in the first few days especially for sleeping/ getting over jet lag/ catching up on work.

A   Wi-Fi on the bus during long travel?

A   Language course with more focus on application- MRT/ or food/ saying "where is the XYZ?" I know it’s hard to get it all in. I'd be fine with a short language course every day.


         First, thank you. I am so impressed by your organization and maturity! Also the kindness, friendship and love we felt from the staff was palpable. It's obvious you love what you do.

My only suggestion would be to have more breaks or down time between activities. While it is an intensive week, we all want to got the most out of it and all activities opportunity to rest or for private, quite time is needed. Not all Americans are super extroverted and so much activity+ stimulation can be overwhelming but can be alleviated with an hour or two break between activities.

Otherwise, we felt safe, happy and comfortable, cared for, and incredibly respected. It was such an amazing experience to get to meet so many beautiful people and kind souls. I hope to stay in touch and see more of everyone!



Some reminders may be helpful if repeated in the morning like getting the passport or wearing the SIT shirt.


The staff worked very hard. During the week, one thing that I would like to have done is spend a little more time with them to get to know them. It felt like they were running around constantly.


This was so much fun! The hosts were so kind! Wish we had more time in the museum.

Maybe start at little later in the day after the farewell party.

A   Nicole: We are definitely hanging out this summer! I want to dance more.

A   Lucia: You are such a sweet person! I'm glad we got to laugh together.

A   Eris: Buy chacos asap! Have lots of fun in America.

A   Ivy: You have a beautiful voice! Say more because I love talking to you!

To the rest of the SIT hosts: You are the best! I wish I was as amazing and cool as all of you are!


Thank you for everything you guys did. This week was awesome! I feel like we got a great first impression of Taiwan. The whole staff was great. Don't be intimidated by us next time. You guys are great and we really appreciate all of your local knowledge.


Words cannot express the amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for all that you have done for us.

I am so proud that my first time out of the US I came to Taiwan! I will never forget this experience!

If any of you have questions about America or come to America, let me know if you need help. I am very talkative person as you all know, and I will help each and every one of you to the best of my ability.

I look forward to seeing all of you again!

I got mad love for all of you!!


A   Ivy- Great singing, we had fun talking with you at the NPM

A   Annie- I really enjoyed your classes. You are really fun to hang out with. Great dancing!

A   Aaron- Good talking to you about working out. I'll hit the muscle ups, good luck on the planche

A   Alan/ Brian- great performances and witty scripts

A   Rebecca- great party, had a lot of fun!

A   Janny- Thanks for all the help getting here. Great singing.

A   David- sweet jam on the guitar!

A   Lucia- great dance moves, keep running and planking

A   Cindy- I had fun talking with you before night market.

A   Gabrielle- let's workout in Hsinchu

A   Nicole- Good job keeping those big Americans in line!

A   Jourdan- have fun with your handsome Korean boyfriend

A   Emily- you didn't dance at the party! If I come back next year we will dance!

A   Eris- great job organizing everything. I had a lot of fun

A   Wes- keep it real G!

See you guys in Hsinchu!


You are all amazing, hard-working, friendly, kind, and generous. This was the perfect welcome to this beautiful country!

Thank you!


I was so impressed by the professionalism of the program. I have had to organize similar proselts + know how incredibly difficult it is. You were all so kind, welcoming and interesting. I loved all our conversations and that you really let us let to know you. Honestly, I am enormously impressed!!

The only suggestion would be to offer a little more "down- time." I unfortunately had some work I needed to do in connection with my research so I had to sacrifice sleep some nights to fit it all in. Maybe make one evenings activity optional, in case someone needs to work? Or even an hour a day that is "FREE" before dinner.

But seriously, I cannot imagine any other way to improve this experience. You all put amazing heart, soul, humor, creativity into this. We are all so grateful and impressed!


A   It would be nice to have received more details about what we were going to be doing each day in our SIT pamphlet schedule. It would have been nice to know if we were going to be outside or inside and for how long on the schedule.

A   Thank you for all your hard work! You are all so incredible and kind. Thank you!


Probably next year, you might want to try arrange the orientation week "less busy"

Since like most of us were jet-lagged, and an 8:00- 10pm day is super long.

Just an advice.

Thanks very much!

Very much appreciated for all your help and efforts!


Staffs are great, very helpful, and nice. Everything was super nicely organized, well conducted. They have kept attention to every minute detail. Just awesome!!

Very small suggestion may be the programs can be made slightly less hectic. But it is very well understood, that they want to share all the famous/ nice things here in the short time.

Honestly speaking, they have managed everything very nicely.

Super great…


Thank you!

This really is an amazing program, and your hard work and dedication made it happen.

Keep up the great work!


You guys are great and did an amazing job. I can see how much effort and passion you have. A half hour break here and there would be great. That’s really all I could change. The week was amazing and fun. It went by so fast.


I was finally able to relax and enjoy myself, even though I was tired because of the jet lag. Thank you for being so nice, kind, sweet and genuine.


absolutely wonderful


A   Lack of snakes of refreshments

A   Schedule is too tight

A   First day Lunch box- cons: too much rice

A   Second day lunch box- cons: No bubble tea nor smoothie

I appreciate all the staff of SIT for their kindness and hardworking! Hope to see you soon!