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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
SIT 2015 Participants' Feedback

2015 SIT Feedback


Ø   Overall it was a fun and enjoyable experience.

Ø   I was not expecting this kind of orientation. I can't express what a wonderful time I had with the activities and getting to know all of you. All of the staff worked so hard to ensure that everything was perfect for us. You guys treated us too well, it was unbelievable. Every activity was so well thought out, and we can tell you guys chose everything carefully. All of the activities provided a great introduction to Taiwanese culture (and food!). Each activity was well planned and everything went very smoothly. It's obvious how hard you all worked, and we appreciate it so, so much. I know you guys think there were some things that weren't perfect, but trust me, we didn't notice. The whole time we were just amazed by how great everything was. And sorry that we sometimes were late getting to the bus! Even more important than the activities though is getting to know everyone. When I was accepted into the program, I assumed I would spend most of my time working, and maybe sightseeing alone (what I did last year). I never expected that I would make so many great friends, both staff and fellows. The only thing I would suggest for next year is to have a little more time for chatting- my favorite thing was getting to know everyone. I feel like I've made some wonderful friends I will know for life, and that's 100% due to the hard work of the SIT staff creating such a wonderful, memorable program for us. I also want to say that once orientation week ended, you guys kept doing great stuff for us!  After the orientation, you have no obligation to us, and I know you guys all have jobs/military/exchange program/other camps, but you keep planning fun activities for us! KTV was awesome! You guys are all so talented, it's amazing. When I found out I was accepted to this program, I realized I would be here on my 30th birthday (which is kind of a big deal in the US). I was sad, because I thought I would be lonely on my birthday, and not celebrate it at all.  Instead, Norman planned a dinner for me! I was so touched by how many people came (including the people who traveled over an hour from Hsinchu). Then Brian surprised us all with cake (he took the time to secretly find out my favorite kind, I'm still in shock!) I was so touched. This is the best birthday I could have ever hoped for, and this whole program is the BEST way to start my 30th year. I want to thank Norman and Eris for picking the BEST people on earth to be SIT staff members. You guys are seriously the coolest, most fun, thoughtful people I've ever met. I just wish I could do this again next year! <3

Ø   If you get more Canadian students in the future years that come to Taiwan as part of the SIT exchange, please consider inviting them to any pre-orientation, mailing lists, facebook groups, etc. I understand that EAPSI is the collaboration between East Asia and the U.S. and not Canada so this may be where complications could arise. The dates when students receive the notice of award may also be different (April 1 of the given year for CIHR) than that of the U.S. I would have liked to have had all the information before coming here and also to meet a few people so it's less daunting/scary before going across the country (this is my first time over seas and I chose TAIWAN!!!! =D ). THANKS for everything and for all the future things you will be helping us with!!

Ø   The orientation week was planned out super well and you all really went all out! I mean I cannot stress enough how well planned it was. Mountains of food, great fun and activities, great accommodations, and a pleasant foot massage to relax me more than I already was! I felt so spoiled. I never had such an awesome week like this in my entire life! I also loved the arts and crafts and food making. Best of all, you were wonderful hosts and treated us like friends from day one! I felt very comfortable and at home around you all. Thank you to everyone for working so hard! I love each and every one of you and your multi-coloured personalities! I also like how we can still get together to have more fun even after the orientation week. Thanks Maggie, Peggy, Rose, and Jacky for inviting us for another awesome trip to Jiufen and for all the work involved in planning! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did despite being the leaders. Hopefully, I can come back to Taiwan in later years and see everyone again!

Ø   It was fun.

Ø   You guys are awesome! I'll never forget you~

Ø   You guys work too hard!! Makes us feel bad knowing how much extra effort you guys were putting in on top of babysitting us all day... It's a better experience for us and you if staff takes it easy on themselves and reduces the amount of stress you give yourselves; accept that people will always be late, no matter what you do (so no need to meet over that lol). You are all wonderful and are going to go on to do amazing things! I also apologize on USA's behalf if people were rude or stupid in the first week.

Ø   As far as ways to improve, I don't have much else to say. It was so well organized and well thought-out. The schedule was pretty much perfect... As far as what to say to the staff - Oh man, I don't even know where to begin. The staff was incredible - everyone was so nice and had such a warm, kind personality. Starting with Norman and Eris as the leaders, they were always so nice and fun to talk to. Always kept us in line and on time in a friendly, funny way. Such absolutely great people! Great leadership team. The rest of the staff were all so much fun to get to know. I had really funny moments with all of them which I will never forget. I want to keep writing about everyone but unfortunately have to get back to work! Thanks so so so much for such an incredible experience and really want to relive that week over and over again until I die LOL

Ø   I think the best part of the introduction week was the staff themselves. They really went above and beyond, during the first week and then during our two months doing research. They are the one part of SIT 2015 that i will remember most and hope to see them in the future.

Ø   Seriously, this was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I doubt you will be able to improve on this very much because it was just about perfect.

Ø   Wouldn't change a thing.

Ø   What a fantastic and unforgettable experience! Thank you SIT!!! You did an excellent job.

Ø   You guys really made the summer enjoyable, I’m so happy i had the chance to meet all of you. You guys have really designed a fantastic program and loved spending the summer in Taiwan.

Ø   Overall the program was spectacular. My only criticism was that there seemed to be very poor communication between the SIT staff and our advisors and the NSF which occasionally led to frustrations.

Ø   Need more time for rest.  Too many activities scheduled and not enough time for rest in between.  Also it would be nice to have more outdoor activities.